Brewery International Introduction

The origins of brewing in the city of Lahnstein date back to the year 1324. In this period, the city was founded and the first brews were done, but we don´t know details about people and places.

What we know is that in 1667, Jakob Fohr got his brewing rights. He was an ancestor of the current owners Dr. Rainer Fohr and Dr. Markus Fohr who now lead the brewery in 9th and 10th generation. Since then, these brewing rights have been passed on directly from father to son – and since 2002 there are three possible brewers growing up in 11th generation.

Even today Lahnsteiner Brewery is a family business with ten employees and a rich production of 40 traditional beers, modern craftbeers and delicious specialties like a single malt whisky made of beer wort, beer spirit, beer cheese, beer noodles and many more.

Our special salespartners in Germany and in the surrounding countries sell our products. But apart from this the best way to get to know us is to:


Our guided tours can be held in German, English, Bulgarian and Russian. You will taste about 15 of our products, see the production and get an unforgettable impression of local history by visiting our brewery tower built in 1411. Special programmes like Craftbeer tastings, vintage beer tastings or beer and food pairings are also possible, they are held by our Biersommelier and owner Dr. Markus Fohr.

For further information please don´t hesitate to contact our owner:

Dr. Markus Fohr

(this is the best way to get to him)

Dr. Fohr is a  Brewing Engineer and also famous as Biersommelier and Beer Journalist.
Craftbiere und klassische Biere aus dem Rheinland